Check Out Those Six Packs !

Check Out Those Six Packs !

Check Out Those Six Packs !


We women drool over men with six packs and men over hot bikini bodies - after who doesn't love eye candy? Question is, if we all love it, how come not all of us have the fit bodies we would be proud to flaunt. Does a six pack really require that much effort? Lets find out what kind of discipline is actually needed to remove our turtle tummy and sculpt a six pack? And the part we’d like to know the most is whether there are any shortcuts?

We all know the social benefits of a six pack, but are there any health benefits to it as well?

A fit frame is, not necessarily, but often an illustration of a healthy body. Having strong abs, even when they're hidden beneath several layers of clothing and not serving the social purpose, benefits your life in countless everyday tasks. Strength in this region of your body helps you bend, turn, sit and stand with greater ease. Whether you have a physically demanding job or just enjoy a hobby that requires plenty of strength, you can perform these tasks without pain. If your job requires you to frequently bend, lift and carry heavy objects, core strength is helpful. It can also help you increase your performance in such sports as swimming, kayaking and tennis. Strong abs help you hold an upright posture alleviating the possibility of pain in your low back. Many doctors actually recommend ab exercises as a treatment for back pain.

What's a healthy way towards one?

You already have a six pack. Everybody does. The problem is that it’s probably hiding underneath a layer of fat. To let your abs see the light of day, you need to lose your overall body fat. Clean up your diet if you want to see your ab muscles. Eat more high quality, nutrient rich foods and eat fewer empty, processed calories. A strong, toned, and flat belly can be obtained by combining healthy eating, with a fitness routine that includes endurance, strength and specific exercises for your abs and core. Once you've reduced the layer of body fat to the point where you can find your six pack, performing specific ab and core strengthening exercises will enhance them. Regular cardiovascular exercise, strength training with weight lifting not only helps build muscle, boost metabolism and increase muscle definition, but it is a great way to burn lots of calories in a short time.

Are there any shortcuts?

There are. If you feel that diet and exercises do not work for you, you can try some of the latest technologies. To see what should be best for you, we first identify the amount of fat covering the abdomen. One option is to use Vaser or radio frequency technology to melt away fat before we use electro-stimulation to help build six-packs. Electronic muscle stimulation works by mimicking muscle contraction and this is caused by delivering electric impulses to the muscles. The impulses are delivered through terminals or electrodes to the skin, directly on the muscles to be stimulated. Body Tite is another effective method. It also  uses radio frequency assisted liposuction technology to burn and melt fat before removing it. The distinctive feature of this machine however is its ability to perform liposuction and tighten your skin simultaneously.

Who would be a suitable candidate?

Anyone can get these treatments done, however the procedure is ideal for those who exercise regularly but have been unable to achieve their desired muscle definition. Which treatment works best and how many sessions will be required depends on the person's body and amount of fat.

What are the side effects?

During the procedures, energy is delivered to the treatment area in a safe and efficacious manner that provides unprecedented uniform heating so patients can be assured of a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure with decreased pain, swelling and downtime.

How long do the results last?  

Results need to retained with a healthy and active lifestyle like for any body contouring treatment . There are shortcuts to getting  the six packs but how long it lasts largely depends on how well you maintain your exercise and diet regime.There's no escaping that.